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December 31st, 2010

[OOC] Biography Sheet

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  • General Information

    Name: Catherine Hatshepsut Jackson-Knight
    Nicknames: Hattie
    Age: 21 (October 4, 2006 – yes, really)

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  • November 28th, 2010

    Home again...

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    Kitt had said something about an estate, but Hattie had been completely unprepared for the sight that had greeted her when she'd gone up the (very) long driveway to the house. Castle.

    It was an actual castle.

    Putting the Porsche (he had a Porsche!) in park, she slipped out of the driver's side and walked with no small amount of awe up to the door. The housekeeper that opened it seemed more than a little shocked to see her and Hattie didn't have to introduce herself before the woman indicated that she was expected. Something about Kitt having called ahead.

    Hattie was shown upstairs to the family wing and she caught a glimpse of a nursery before she found the master suite. Her eyes widened as she caught sight of the photographs. Mostly Kitt with a young boy, whom she assumed to be Gideon (their son) and a little girl? They had a daughter, too? He hadn't mentioned one. She saw only one photograph of the two of them, looking immensely happy and she looked at it for too long before crawling onto the bed and curling up on her side in the center.

    She was too tired to deal with any more surprises.

    March 1st, 2010

    [CAUGHT!] Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular...

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    When he came looking for her, he found her curled up (which, at eight months pregnant, was relative) in the chair in their room. She was literally staring wide-eyed at the television, a bowl of popcorn in her hand.

    She was so engrossed in what was on the large screen television mounted to the wall, that she didn't even notice him at first. When she DID, guilt made her jump.

    Fumbling for the remote, which had stubbornly gone missing, she practically choked on the popcorn in her mouth. Unable to turn the television off, she simply shrank back as much as possible and blinked at him. "Hi, honey. Welcome home?"

    January 6th, 2010

    Interrupting Kitt at work... for a reason

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    It had taken weeks, but when the letter arrived by courier (and a very well dressed man he was) and bodyguard, Hattie knew immediately what it was. Denials didn't come with such protection and she was hard pressed to keep the smile off her face as she thanked the butler for answering the door and then addressed the gentleman in Arabic.

    Thanking him for coming, she took the package (it was never JUST a letter), and bowed slightly, her stomach not allowing for much. He returned the gesture, snapped a salute and turned on his heel. The bodyguard gave her one last look before returning to the long black car in the driveway. Hattie watched as they drove away and managed to make it all the way back to the desk in the small office she'd had converted before she took a deep breath and opened the thick envelope.

    It wasn't a denial, she'd been right.

    A large smile took over her face and she read the letter itself twice, then the stipulations, then the directions, then the legal stuff, then the letter again.

    Then, thankful that she'd been gifted a fantastic gift for Christmas, she grabbed her keys, her entire package and headed for the Lexus. It took her less than the usual hour to get to Knight Industries and she parked in Kitt's parking spot before she rushed as quickly as her body would allow to the elevator.

    At the top, she exited, gave his PA a magnanimous smile and, still clutching her package, motioned. "He busy?"

    December 28th, 2009

    Christmas and Things

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    Soooooo, first Kitt made some kid cry beat a kid at xBox and what not at the toy-store, so Hattie got him his very own AND a PS3 and all the games to go with. Kitt was happy.

    Annnnnnnnd, since way back when, Kitt destroyed that Mercedes that Hattie drove in a massive fit of jealousy and anger, but now he's much more emotionally steady when it comes to his wife sitting in other cars (right, honey?), Kitt got Hattie this:

    The point? He's never coming to dinner again, which is okay since Hattie is obviously going to be out joyriding constantly, anyway.

    December 25th, 2009

    Merry Christmas!

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    The adventure in the toy store had taken just under two hours.

    After Hattie had gotten things she thought Gideon might like (even the crayon soap Kitt had mentioned), she'd gone back to the video games that he'd been eyeing. What she'd found was both amusing and not surprising at all. Of course, seeing a grown man kicking the tail (figuratively, of course) of some kid via pixels on a screen was quite an experience. And not just a little, either, but a lot.

    It was a good thing that she'd ordered both the Wii and the PS3 to be shipped to the castle overnight.


    On Christmas morning, she shifted slightly and came up against her husband. Sighing happily, she tugged on his shirt and murmured, "Merry Christmas."

    Pushing herself up, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and toddled through the living room and into Gideon's room. Lifting the baby, she said, "Merry Christmas, my handsome boy. Let's go get daddy."

    And back she went.

    December 23rd, 2009

    Disney Princess Meme

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    Bold the statements that apply, count 'em up and there ya go!

    Some of the girls were missing... and it was close at first. )

    Princess I am the most like: Belle (9)
    Princess I am the least like: Cinderella (0)

    Christmas Time is here at last...

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    Five months seemed much longer this time around and Hattie was much larger, too. Moving around the castle took some time, but when it came to Christmas decorating, the staff had things well in hand.

    The main tree in the room downstairs was gorgeous, and Hattie had arranged for a large tree to be delivered upstairs to their suite of rooms as well. Not their bedroom, but the large living room that separated their room from Gideon's. Decorating that room for Christmas fell to her and Kitt and shopping for those decorations had caused her a great deal of joy.

    Roping Kitt into helping her decorate hadn't proved to be hard at all.

    "Honey?" She called from the room, where she was standing with one hand on her stomach and one on her lower back. "I even have cookies. Come on."

    February 12th, 2009

    Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it. -Kyle Reese, Terminator

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    I don't know about this Kyle Reese guy, but disconnecting from pain is a lot easier said than done. Not that it CAN'T be done, it's just not that easy.

    Example? Being shot with a zat. You get zatted, you go down. You're out. For how long, it depends, really. Usually a good fifteen minutes, maybe ten if you're Teal'c. Dad's usually the one to get hit with a zat. I don't know why, but people are fond of shooting him with electricity.

    But when you wake up? You ache. The amount of voltage that goes through you isn't enough to kill you, not at first. A second hit after the first will kill you. But the first just makes you sore and a bit twitchy. That's experience talking.

    Another example would be a staff weapon. Think a massive beam of Goa'uld super laser coming out of a large stick. Yeah, not fun. It's more of a burn than a gunshot, but it hurts more, too. It's not a clean wound and it's larger. It's more painful. And yes, that's experience talking. That's the scar on my right shoulder blade. I miss you, Conner.

    Being shot with a gun is no walk in the park. No, I haven't been shot with a gun. But Mom has. And Dad has. And Cam has. And Teal'c has. And to be quite honest, it's not something I'm looking forward to. But each of them has also taken a hit with the previous two methods of "OUCH" and that brings us to the Goa'uld painstick.

    Mom and Teal'c.

    I don't know about what happened to Teal'c and I don't want to ask. I know Mom died. A lot. I know Ba'al brought her back to life with the sarcophagus. A lot. I know that he beat her and used that painstick on her for four months until she escaped. And I know that that was the reason she wasn't supposed to have kids. Not until that last trip with Nef.

    I never asked either of them about disconnecting from the pain. I had a hard enough time limping back through the Gate after a mission where all we had to do was run. Where maybe I got into a fist fight with someone. Being zatted isn't fun. Knocking around a Sodan stick isn't a piece of cake. Getting shot with a staff weapon or a P90 is going to hurt like a sonofabitch.

    And when it comes to controlling pain, I'd rather knock back a couple of vicodin than try to disconnect. No offense to Mr. Reese.

    Hattie Jackson-Knight
    Stargate OC
    472 Words
    PROMPT: Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it. ~ Kyle Reese, Terminator

    August 23rd, 2008

    [AIM] Cam/Hattie

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    Cam: ... like robbing banks in Venice?
    Hattie: Are we going to do that?
    Cam: No, but we could watch it. Seriously, the Italian Job is a great movie. ... and Charlize Theron is really hot in it, too.
    Hattie: Blondes are definitely more your type. So, party in your room? I'll bring the jello.
    Cam: Tell Teal'c to bring popcorn.
    Hattie: Mom and Dad?
    Cam: Drinks.
    Hattie: Great. And you get the floor. No WAY am I sitting in that chair. Your bed is MINE. *a look* No innuendo implied.
    Cam: Fine. But no bogarting the popcorn this time.
    Hattie: What? *eyes him* Are you denying a pregnant woman movie food?
    Cam: Okay, okay. Tell Teal'c to bring some for YOU and for the rest of us.
    Hattie: *glares* I hate you.
    Cam: What? That way everybody's happy.
    Hattie: You act like it's all that WEIRD. It's not. *still glowering* Just stay off my bed.
    Cam: You mean MY bed that I'm letting you sit on.
    Hattie: Mine for the next three hours. And I won't be sitting, I'm going to be LOUNGING and if you don't want me to con a backrub out of you, hush. *sweet smile*
    Cam: Okay, okay.
    Hattie: *wheedling and kind of pathetic-like* But seriously? Caaaaaaaaam.... backrub? *hopeful smile*
    Cam: What am I, your personal masseuse?
    Hattie: *actually bats eyelashes* Oldest and dearest friend. Besides Teal'c. *BEAMS*
    Cam: *smiles* Aw, c'mere kiddo.
    Hattie: *rolls eyes but scoots over anyway*

    July 2nd, 2008

    [WM] Pretty please?

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    Your muse has the task of convincing someone to do something or go somewhere that they have already said no to someone else on. Let's see them work some of their magic.

    CAM: I don't CARE, I'm not going to see the Sex and the City movie with you. I'm not going with AMY.
    HATTIE: I'm not AMY. And I'd do it for you. If there were some goofy movie YOU wanted to see.
    CAM: You want to see all the movies I want to see, so that's not fair.
    HATTIE: Well, come on! It's not like I even want to see THIS one, but I promised myself that I'd see every movie that came out from May 1 to August 31. It's a QUEST.
    CAM: EVERY movie?
    HATTIE: ... That gets a C or above from reviewers.
    CAM: Just wanted to make sure the hormones hadn't erased your standards.
    HATTIE: Well, come on. Sex and the City? But it's part of the QUEST. I wouldn't send YOU on a quest by yourself, you can't send ME on one by MYSELF. And if Teal'c can see Mamma Mia with me? You can TOTALLY see Sex and the City.
    CAM: The difference is Teal'c LOVES Abba. I'm ... well, kind of scared of those four chicks.
    HATTIE: *deadpan* Grandpa Landry agreed to see 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2'.
    CAM: *matches* Did you actually tell him what it was about?
    HATTIE: Kind of? I didn't see the first one. But he's a smart man. I'm sure he looked it up.
    CAM: Somehow, I doubt it.
    HATTIE: So? He said he'd see it. And Dad? Well, Indiana Jones, of course. Mom? X-Files.
    CAM: Now that's cheating. They actually LIKE those.
    HATTIE: And you might like Sex and the City. I heard that Chris Noth might... ride in an airplane? *winces*
    CAM: Well, gosh, why didn't you say so?
    HATTIE: *might pout just a little* Look, you do this for me and I won't tell Amy you did it. Our secret. And? I'll throw in Batman, my treat.
    CAM: *thinks a moment* ... Okay, fine. BUT you have to go see the next movie I want as you to, no matter what you might think of it.
    HATTIE: Deal. *bites lip* Hellboy 2?
    CAM: With the arm and ... Come ON, it's gonna be AWESOME
    HATTIE: FINE. Deal.

    June 6th, 2008

    [TBS] 2.18.1.F (One Line Prompts)

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    She'd been back on Earth for two weeks and hadn't seen more than several floors of the SGC. No sunlight, no moonlight, no blue skies, grey skies, white fluffy clouds... nothing. The one time she had gone topside had been the middle of the night, unauthorized and the stars hadn't even been out, much less the moon. Just darkness, which meant that the trouble she'd gotten into hadn't even been worth it.

    It was beginning to piss her off. )

    June 2nd, 2008

    [AIM] Why Cam won't spar with Hattie... (she says he's afraid, he says notsomuch)

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    Cam: Because I don't want your dad coming after me. Again.
    Hattie: Well, if I wasn't pregnant. And wait, what? Again?
    Cam: Nevermind.
    Hattie: What aren't you saying NOW?
    Cam: Nothing!
    Hattie: Cameron Mitchell, don't you get avoid-y with me.
    Cam: I'm not! Honest.
    Hattie: *eyes him* I know you did something.
    Cam: I didn't do anything! ... Although if you ask your dad, it's a different story, but I think he just likes to blame me for anything involving you.
    Hattie: Oh god. Am I missing something this time? Is it me?
    Cam: No, no. It's just ... *does a really bad Daniel impression* "Hattie wants to go out to this place but it's too dangerous, but she said that's what guns are for, and it's YOUR fault."
    Hattie: *O.o* Because you're the one that taught me most about guns (well, and then mom) and fighting, he's upset?
    Cam: He's overprotective. I guess you can't really blame but ... good God does it get annoying sometimes.
    Hattie: If he only knew...
    Cam: *looks at her*
    Hattie: *innocent* What?
    Cam: I don't want to know.
    Hattie: Probably not. If it makes you feel better, he wasn't that way before.
    Cam: Who, your dad? Do I have to remind you about the time he slugged me?
    Hattie: Dad. yeah. He... was understanding, almost. *smiles* That's because he doesn't remember, either.
    Cam: Oh, you mean he WON'T always be this way. Well, I should hope by the time he's a grandpa ... *snickers*
    Hattie: *shakes head* Don't do that or even MOM won't be able to protect you.
    Cam: Aw, who am I kidding. He's gonna stop worrying about you and start worrying about Optimus Prime that kid of yours.
    Hattie: Stop worrying about me? I wish my insta-age came with that switch. *wry* When are YOU going to stop worrying?
    Cam: ... *trying to be all cool about it* Who says I worry now?
    Hattie: You don't? About that time I got shot...
    Cam: ... okay, I MAY have worried then.
    Hattie: *smug smile to herself* You worry.
    Cam: ... so do you.
    Hattie: *maybe just a lil defensive* ... yeah? So?
    Cam: *smug* Nothin'. Just nice to know you care.
    Hattie: *makes a face and slugs him in his arm* Ugh. You.
    Cam: Hey, no fair. You know I'm not gonna hit you back!
    Hattie: I know! *laughs*
    Cam: *tries not to rub his arm, because ... ow. But he's gotta look cool.* You're such a brat sometimes. *really dramatic sigh*
    Hattie: *crinkles her nose and points* And you're a drama queen!
    Cam: You take that back!
    Hattie: Make me! I'm too old to spank.
    Cam: *ahems* Is that what you tell KITT?
    Hattie: As if I'd tell you! Besides, to be fair? *smirks* It's not what I told you before.
    Cam: *makes a face* Okay, I know that technically it WAS ... will be ... me. But ... TMI.
    Hattie: WON'T be you. Not anymore. *shrugs* Which is why it doesn't hurt to say it. Well- *snickers* Doesn't hurt ME.
    Cam: ... *grumbles* I hate you.
    Hattie: *teasing* You LOOOOOOOOOVE me. *thinks better of what she just said, nudges him and rests her head on his shoulder* You'd miss me if I weren't here.
    Cam: *gives her a little affectionate noogie* Yeah, you've got a point there.

    [TBS] John Donne Quote

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    Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can't prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you're presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice and the choice can be power.
    - John Donne


    "The answer is no, Hattie, and that's final."

    Daniel Jackson's voice was the same irritating matter-of-fact tone he'd always taken when he'd found a new translation that he was certain was correct. The only difference was that this one had the added 'Dad' filter thrown in and Hattie had to grit her teeth to keep her temper.

    "You can't make that kind of decision for me," she pointed out. "I'm not a kid any more."

    It was a harsh point of contention between them. THE point of contention, as it were. True, he'd seen her grow up. He'd educated her in all the finer points of literature, math, science and more, not to mention the pick-ups she'd had from Sam and Landry, Teal'c and Cam. He wanted her to go back so that her mother could experience all those things with her, too.

    He wanted her to have a normal childhood. She knew this. Just as he knew that she considered what she'd lived and breathed to be perfect. Living eighteen years in .08 of a second was fine to her. It was what she had known. Exploring the Ancient database had given her a different kind of education, but one that was rounded, nonetheless. She had no doubt that she would pass any college entrance exam upon returning to Earth.

    They were all going back, that much was fact. Teal'c had been chosen to stay old since he had so many years on the rest of them due to his previous symbiote and current Tretonin use. The only remaining question was Hattie.

    She was fighting tooth and nail to get to stay old.

    "You'd take your childhood, watching you grow up into the beautiful woman you are, from your mother?" It wasn't a new argument, not all on it's own. The 'watching you grow up into what you are now' bit was, and Hattie was prepared.

    "Dad. Who's to say I'd be the person I am now if I grew up on Earth? I wouldn't know half the things I do now, I would have had to suffer through public education, I wouldn't have unlimited access to galactic information and-" She sighed. "You'd take my childhood from me? All the Christmases, the birthday's, the... the LEARNING, everything that makes me ME from me, now?"

    Hattie was dangerously close to crying.

    "I wouldn't remember, honey," Daniel pointed out, taking off his glasses to wipe at his own eyes. "I won't remember any of that."

    Shaking her head as she lowered it into her hands, she felt the tears come. "I can't have my life taken from me, Dad. Please. You have a life to go back to, I'll just go back to diapers and never knowing the awesome things I have and it feels like such a loss."

    "Even if you never knew it was a loss?"

    She just nodded. There were things they never talked about, things she hadn't told him about. Things he might have known about, but things they'd never actually discussed. And it was heartbreaking to know that all of it would be gone, too, with no one to remember how wonderful and beautiful it had been.

    Quietly, her dad spoke again. "He wouldn't remember, either."

    "All part of the tragedy, Dad," she said as she stood. He could make the decision, but she had to decide how she'd react. She wouldn't become a sobbing wreck. Nodding once at him, she left the room, taking a deep breath and heading to the workout room.

    Once there, she took her frustrations out on a punching bag until her hands were raw, then winced as she ran them under cold water in her quarters.

    "It'll all be for the best," came a voice as her door swished open.

    Hattie sighed and looked down, patting at her knuckles with a light blue towel which she tossed into the sink. "Glad to see you're taking it with such a hearty attitude."

    "Don't be like that," Cam said, crossing the room and wrapping his arms around her just as she sat, which caused them to tumble onto the bed. "Even if you stayed an adult, I'd forget and treat you horrible like I did in the beginning."

    She nodded and rolled into his chest, burying her face there. "I know. I don't want to forget this, Cam, even if I'm the only one who remembers."

    Sensing the seriousness of her tone and feeling how tense she was, Cam tightened his grip on her and kissed the top of her head. "Then talk to your dad again, sweetheart. Tell him. You always have a choice. And the choice can be power."

    "Do you want me to remember, Cam? Or would it be easier if I forgot? Would you rather see me two again?"

    "If you remember this," he murmured as he kissed her forehead gently, "and that I love you," he whispered, "I don't care how old either of us are. Talk to your dad."

    Hattie nodded, feeling more like she had someone on her side, the one person who mattered. Her dad, for all his good intentions, couldn't prevent her from staying an adult.

    When it came time, when the barrier went up, Hattie hugged Teal'c for the moment it took for the ship to explode. The heat, the intense heat, then black nothing-

    - as she was shoved to the side with more explosions and she swore she saw a little girl vanish. She lay on the ground, her arms covering her head from the sparks and falling debris until she heard Sam Carter shout they were entering hyperspace. The pull behind her solar plexus gave her pause and then she stood, brushing off her uniform.

    The look in her father's eyes as he searched for the toddler he'd been holding onto and the way it changed into one of knowing when he finally caught sight of her was almost heartbreaking. She swallowed and took a step forward. "Hi, Dad."

    Hattie Jackson
    Stargate OC
    1042 Words (not including quote)

    [Starting from scratch] It's a new beginning

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    It's not that they're not together. She'd prepared herself for that part, really she had. If it was simply not being held or hugged or kissed or even being made love to, that would be one thing. But that's not it at all. Not even a little bit.

    It's the way that he looks right through her, as if he never loved her at all. And really? He didn't. He hasn't yet, and if everything goes right, he won't have the chance.

    It's sick, really. Putting things right so that your life, everything you've ever known isn't really yours to experience. To remember. Those little moments that take two people to remember correctly, where you fill in the moments by finishing each other's sentences? She has to that herself, without any help from a diary or anything else. Even Teal'c's memory can only go so far.

    It's the little things. She knows this. The way he'd touch her cheek before he sat down at breakfast or the way he looked at her while she studied the chessboard. The way their footsteps would run in pace or the way their breathing would even out together... after. Things that only SHE can remember, or forget.

    It's not even that he doesn't remember loving her. It's that he'd be horrified if he knew the truth. It's that he looks at her like she's just a kid again, if he can remember that she's not two at all. It's that he treats her like one of the guys when he used to treat her like so much more. It's that she's just Hattie, again.

    It's one thing to tell yourself that it would never have worked anyway, but it's something else entirely to see that played out as if your worst nightmare ("What if?") had come to life. She can't go back, she wouldn't want to go back and yet... she wonders. She wonders, in reverse now, what if? What if things hadn't gone back to normal? If time hadn't been reversed? If the Ori beam had finally hit the Odyssey and destroyed it or worse? If everyone had gotten old and died without her and she'd been forced to live the last twenty or thirty years of her life alone?

    He might not remember being in love with her, but she remembers and she has to force herself to move forward. To act as though it never happened. She's not the only one, and maybe that's what sends her to Teal'c time and again. He has his own grief in love and they talk. They talk over and over and while he's stoic, she gets angry until there's nothing to be angry about anymore. She can't begrudge Cam his youth any more than he can begrudge her her age.

    She watches him with Amy Vandenburg when they all take that vacation to Kansas. She knows her dad knows something she's not telling and there's a reason she's not telling. Would he kill her or murder Cam? It doesn't matter, it's all over and done and by the way Cam's disappeared with Amy, he's clearly moved on. Moved on from something he doesn't remember? It's not fair and she knows it, but she can't help the bitterness that chokes her from the inside out and the walk she takes into the middle of the cornfield does little to help the feeling.

    On the base, he wonders why she's avoiding him, their chess games, their sparring matches and their jogs. When she agrees to the sparring match, there is genuine anger there and she has to quit before she attempts to do him serious damage. Instead, she agrees to an offworld mission with SG-12 as their linguist. Camping, it was not.

    Instead, it gives her time to rethink her goals. SG-12, studying and finally, maybe, moving on from Cam. He knows now and while they have an understanding, they'll never be where they were. He's not 'her' Cam, anymore. Deep down she knows this even if her heart has a hard time recognizing it.

    Hattie Jackson
    Stargate OC
    773 Words

    May 31st, 2008

    [AIM CONVO] After Cam reads/hears about what happened aboard the Odyssey

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    Cam: Just a little girl!
    Teal'c:: *pats Cam's head* Your feelings are only natural, Colonel Mitchell. In time, they will pass. *wise and knowing smirk*
    Hattie:: Flailing is not new to you, you know. *pats Cam's head... thinks better of it and pats his arm instead*
    Cam: *glares at everyone* I'm being punked, aren't I?
    Hattie:: *quietly* No.
    Shan:: *goes the way of Daniel*
    Daniel:: *still hiding under his rock* Did you bring coffee?
    Shan:: Lots. I figured you'd need it. *ducks under* They'll probably talk it through. She's moved on.
    Daniel:: Moved on what now?
    Hattie:: Me, Dad.
    Shan:: Talking to Cam should be easy.
    Cam: Yeah, because she remembers everything!
    Daniel:: *hunkers down for more translating*
    Hattie:: *sighs* I'd rather remember everything than never have experienced it. *shrugs and lifts glass, murmuring into it* It wasn't bad.
    Cam: *puffs up his chest a lil bit* Well ... I mean, it couldn't have been.
    Hattie:: *raises eyebrows and and looks away for a moment and doesn't say anything*
    Cam: Aw, come on. Blink once for yes, twice for no?
    Hattie:: Well, that wasn't the ONLY time we- *makes a lil motion with her hand* And not EVERY time was like the first and not EVERY time was- Are you SURE you want to know?
    Cam: I'm not lookin' for DETAILS. Just ... you know what, never mind.
    Hattie:: You were just... older. It wasn't a BAD thing. *small smile and she makes SURE her parents can't hear* I was never disappointed. *winks*
    Cam: *winks and claps* Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout
    Hattie:: *actually might have blushed* Yeah, just like that.
    Cam: *peers at the Jackson Rock* This never gets mentioned to your folks. Your mom would skewer me.
    Hattie:: *makes a girlscout-y handmove* I would never. *eyes wide*
    Cam: Good.
    Hattie:: *nudges him from the side* We're cool, right?
    Cam: *nudges her back* You know it, kiddo.
    Hattie:: *closes eyes* Cam? Just.... ugh. *shakes head*
    Cam: *smiles, mostly to himself*

    May 29th, 2008

    [TM] If you could have any super power, which one would it be, and what would you do with it?

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    She's currently in the middle of a three-way and the question catches her off-guard. It's enough for Teal'c to come in and sweep her off her feet. As her back hits the ground, she makes a soft 'oof' sound and she lays there for an extra moment, trying to catch her breath.

    Glaring, she stands again, reaching for her Sodan stick, "I really appreciate that, T, thanks."

    "You must always remain aware of your surroundings, Hattie Jackson," he responds and she swears that if he COULD wear the same smirking expression that Cam is, he... well, he would. So, she transfers her glare to Cam and tilts her head, her long ponytail swinging to the side.

    "Superpower?" She repeats it, this time completely aware of the two men circling her.

    "Yeah, you know. Superpower. Batman, Superman..." When Cam gets a blank look in return, he stops moving and Hattie smacks him for good measure, sneaking in under his arm, the stick catching him in the sensitive spot just above his ribs. She's pulled it back before he can think to grab it. Now she's wearing the smug look and Teal'c actually gives a short laugh so she winks at him. Irritated at the display and at the fact that she got the better of him, Cam asks, "You want to hear this or not?"

    Hattie stops moving, too, and holds up a hand. "Okay, okay. We're done. What's Batman?"

    "Batman is a superhero of the sixties and-" The next thing Hattie knows, she's getting a rundown of Batman, but not from Cam Mitchell. From Teal'c, which causes her eyes to go wide.

    "So, Batman has superpowers?"

    Cam has to jump in at that moment, "No, Batman doesn't have superpowers. I was just giving an example as a superhero-"

    "But you said Batman had superpowers," Hattie pointed out, more to be onery than anything, leaning on her stick and trying not to smile.

    "SUPERMAN. Superman has powers. Like-" And to see Cam screw up his face and think about it for a moment is really one of the funniest things Hattie's seen in a long time. She exchanges a glance with Teal'c and it's all she can do not to break into laughter. "Like, he could fly around the Odyssey really fast and reverse time."

    Hattie blinked and gave him a Look. "That's ridiculous."

    Cam pointed at her with a knowing smile, "No, it only SOUNDS ridiculous until you hear yourself say 'I am trapped on a spaceship, stuck in a time-dilation field'."

    This time Hattie DID laugh and even Teal'c cracked a rare smile. "Indeed."

    "I can't think of anything," Hattie finally admitted. "What would I do with superpowers here? I don't need to fly or be invisible. Everything we need is just given to us. We can't really be saved from the outside and on the inside there's nothing TO save."

    By the end of her ramble, Cam was just staring at her. "You're too much like your Dad. Only you two can turn a talk about superheroes into something NOT FUN."

    Hattie couldn't help but laugh again.

    Hattie Jackson
    Stargate OC
    544 Words

    May 25th, 2008

    [CT] Discuss how a previous relationship has influenced who you are today

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    Hattie has gotten to the point where she looks back on her youth as a time that perhaps shouldn't be looked back on. After all, in her current state, there is no one to talk to about it.

    She misses him. As much as she wants to move forward in her life, she does miss him. So much of her daily life was wrapped up in him that it seems odd to not be able to turn to him for every little thing that goes wrong. She knows now that she became far too dependent on him, probably in a way that wasn't healthy.

    When she was very little and upset with her father or some new imposed rule, she'd run to him for comfort. He was always the one person she could talk to that she felt wouldn't judge her. He always listened and helped her see reason in whatever it was that was bothering her.

    As she moved into her teen years, she felt no embarrassement whatsoever in going to him with problems that she couldn't go to her father with. Especially after she knew her father was seeing/sleeping with Vala, she didn't feel comfortable going to Vala with what she felt were some of the more intimate details of her life. Not because she didn't like Vala, but because she knew that her father treated Vala as his own confidante and she couldn't risk what she was saying getting back to him. The ship WAS small.

    When she realized she had feelings for Cameron Mitchell that extended beyond just the normal 'friendship' or even 'crush', the only person she could talk to was the same person she had told every single detail of her life so far: Teal'c.

    Whether it was during a sparring match, a meal, a talk in quarters or even a rare jog (as she usually jogged with Cam), she spent a few hours every day with him. It stood to reason that he knew more about her than anyone else on the ship. Grandpa Landry was deemed too old, Vala was out for reasons already discussed, her dad is an obvious no, Cam was someone she ended up seeing as more than a friend and Carter was someone that Hattie looked up to and worked with. Teal'c was the only choice for a confidant of her own.

    She was lucky that, when it came time to reverse time, she got to keep her confidant. Because Teal'c's memories remained intact as well, once they were back at the SGC, she was able to continue to talk to him and really had no use for the SGC psychiatrist (whom she was forced to see).

    Unfortunately, this has resulted in her having a hard time in confiding in almost anyone else about her past. She has someone who knows, literally, EVERYTHING about her. From the time she was two years old to her current situation, he's seen her every single day of her life until five months ago. Telling someone new all of that would be tedious and, to Hattie, a waste of time. Most people aren't friends like Teal'c and, she theorizes, not going to stick around anyway.

    Then she met Kitt. Who knows a good portion of it and, even though he can't really HELP it, holds her previous actual 'relationship' against her. He doesn't like Cam, even though he's never met him, and she just KNOWS that if she told him about Teal'c it would probably be worse than someone she slept with. Someone who knows every single one of your personal secrets is far more dangerous than someone who knows your body.

    Hattie Jackson
    Stargate OC
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    March 28th, 2008

    [Just Prompts] Jealousy

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    It wasn't his fault. He didn't remember. In fact, he not only didn't remember, but I couldn't tell him. Not 'couldn't' as in 'physically unable', but 'couldn't' as in 'so far beyond classified that he doesn't even know it exists'. I mean, he knows SOMETHING happened while on the Odyssey. They all do. Something HAD to have happened. I'm here. I'm 20 years older than when we started. And yet, I can't talk about it. Teal'c and I are the only ones who know.

    What would I say? "Well, Cam, you and I were in love. Deeply in love. You gave up on the thirty-odd-year age difference and actually loved me. Boy, did you. In fact, we sex it up twice a day, every day, for a year and a half!"

    I'm sure it'd go over well. The man has a heart attack if I smile at him wrong. Why? Because not long ago, in his eyes, I was a year and a half old. Not only that? I'm 'Jackson's Daughter'. Oh, and Mom could kill him with her pinky. On the Odyssey, though, 'Jackson' was involved in his own little way to pass the time and Mom was nowhere to be found.

    He waited until I was legal. And he was a gentleman. Soft, sweet... well, most of the time. Sometimes there just wasn't time for foreplay. But that's not what THIS is about. This is about jealousy.

    With him not KNOWING? He got to pick up with Amy Vandenberg, right where he'd left off. Which, okay, to be fair? They hadn't even started dating yet, but the scare of living out his life sitting still was just enough for him to not want to be alone. When he said that to me, of all people? I had to tell him, "You weren't alone." He, of course, thought I meant everyone on the ship. But what could I say? He'd never have understood and I didn't want to freak him out.

    But, yeah. I was a little jealous. Sure, she knew him in high school, but she didn't KNOW him. Not the way I did. And even if she started now, she still wouldn't get to know him the way I do. Did. No, DO. And even though I don't have romantic feelings for him now? No woman on Earth will ever know as much about Cameron Mitchell as I do. Which makes me a little smug. And, at the time? Tamed the jealousy.

    I did realize something, though. I don't do well with jealousy. Makes me pouty. And at the time? I was jealous of Amy Vandenberg. Now? I think they make a cute couple. She just better not break his heart.

    Hattie Jackson
    Stargate SG-1
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    March 26th, 2008

    [Hattie/Cam] Who has taught you the most important lesson you ever learned about sex?

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    It had been the kiss, it really had. Hattie had been thinking about (and dreaming and remembering and reliving) that kiss for almost nine months. And really? That's all she'd been able to do, was think about it. He'd ignored her for a week, then taken to looking at her again, sly glances out of the corner of his eye that she barely got a lock on before he was looking away again. A month after that, she cornered him for a jog. Jogging was easier than say, a chess game because they were moving and concentrating on breathing and moving oneself forward was far easier than talking.

    Two months after the jogs went daily, he came by the Ancient's study and disrupted the writing that hovered in the air. She peered at him through her glasses, the ones she didn't need, and felt her heart begin to pound. She knew, just knew, that in the privacy of the Study he was going to kiss her again.

    He didn't.Read more... )
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